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Sleep sensor

Purpose: Knowing when someone is lying in bed

Concept of the sensor application

Characteristics: Alright, now you think I installed a switch right under my bed? This would definately have been a lot easier as my real solution. But it would absolutely not have been as geeky as placing a real FSR (force sensitive resistor) right under some cross members in the slatted frame of my bed. I have to say that I was inspired by the wonderful tutorials of once more.

This is how the fsr should be connected.

It was quite a problem to find cheap FSR sensors here in Germany. One of the cheapest I found here is about 11.82 US$. Even with overseas shipping fees sparkfun was the cheapest (6.95 US$ each) I found on the internet!

After wiring up the photocell and soil moisture sensor the wiring of the FSR was an easy job. Some testing revealed that it is best to use a 1 KΩ resistor for the measuring circuit. And in the end you can simply read out a voltage by a analogRead() function!



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I am from Spain and I not find FSR sensor here. Can you send me? Please write mail!
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Hey Javier! I sent you an email. Best, Florian